More Than Male and Female

Terri O'Connell


The Gender Monologues
More Than Male And Female
A Gay Pride Month Feature

What I said in the previous section is controversial. What I'm about to say will be even more so. Nevertheless, it must be said. I believe it's the truth, and nothing but truth can set us free!

Some of what our tormentors say about us is true: Gay and Bisexual men are not "all-man"! Lesbian and Bisexual women are not "all-woman". What's more, Transsexual persons are not women and men "trapped in the wrong body". God designed us exactly as He wanted us to be! In the 19th century, sexologists called us "the Third Sex", but they were wrong. We are the First Sex! As I stated in my three-part essay "Life During Wartime", we are genetic descendants of the original Transgender life form. Genitalia aside, we are simultaneously male and female, a blend of the masculine with the feminine. Each and every LGBT person is, to some degree, a Transgender person!

I repeat . . . genitalia aside! Don't be confused by what might or might not hang between a person's legs. Penises, testicles and vaginas tell only half the story. The most valuable lesson Transsexual humanity has to teach the world is that gender is not just a function of biology. There's a psychological (or spiritual) element, too.

I believe the gender of a Gay man differs from that of a heterosexual male. I don't believe a Lesbian is the same kind of woman as a heterosexual female. More than sexuality is involved; Fullness affects other behaviors, too. Just as binary gender distinguishes women from men in various ways, blended gender distinguishes LGBT folk from the Straight population. It makes us walk, talk, live, love, perceive and interact with the world differently than they do. The differences can either be subtle or pronounced, but they're always present.

So you're a Gay man, and you think you're as butch as they come? Not really. It's your inner femininity that allows you to feel sexual attraction for another man. So you're a Lesbian who claims to be 100% femme? Stop deceiving yourself! It's your inner masculinity that lets you share physical intimacy with another woman. Which isn't to say that homosexual men can't be butch, or homosexual women can't be girly-girls. What I'm saying is, sexual attraction is a function of gender; you can't divorce the two!

Remember what the Savior taught! Men and women are separated human halves that naturally gravitate toward one another; and ain't it the truth? Look at how obsessed binary gender folk are with their mating game. Women chasing men chasing women! Their PDA makes Gay male libido look underdeveloped! That heterosexual pull is just overpowering; they can't help but respond to it. So if you don't feel that pull, or if it's not gender-specific, then you've clearly got something extra going for you.

That something extra is Fullness! It's the irresistible magnet that draws us into our special way of loving, much like binary gender drives men and women to couple. For us, and for them, love is all about the interaction of male and female gender. The rules of engagement are just a little bit different for us. And why wouldn't they be? Why should men who are more than male and women who are more than female be subject to rules that were never meant for them?

If you take nothing else away from this essay, please take this advice: Ignore the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It has nothing to do with you! Forget what you've been told about the book of Leviticus. It's irrelevant! Stop fretting over the Apostle Paul's condemnation of same-gender hedonism. He wasn't talking about you! The Bible's gender-specific laws never applied to born eunuchs.

You want proof? Here it is: When Jesus Christ mandated marriage and sex between men and women, He told his disciples (some of whom were undoubtedly Gay and Bisexual men): Not everyone can accept this teaching . . . let anyone accept (it) who can (Matthew 19:11, 12). Then he proceeded to identify those who couldn't accept it: Born eunuchs, man-made (castrated) eunuchs, and Holy men who chose not to marry. Don't take my word for it! Study the passage yourself. The more skeptical among you will also want to research ancient connotations of the word

Here's a teaching that everyone can accept, and should: Fullness, or Transgender status, is something human beings are born with. It isn't an aberration of nature. It isn't a sin. It isn't a choice. It isn't contagious. It isn't carried on droplets like an airborne virus. It doesn't jump from person to person like head lice. It isn't a sordid "lifestyle" that you can "recruit" people into. It isn't an evil influence that you can corrupt children with. It's not anything to fear! But not fearing Fullness doesn't mean that we shouldn't respect it. Fullness deserves respect.

The book of Genesis (1:27) makes it clear that God is a Transgender entity. While all of us are made in God's image, His Transgender children resemble Him most closely! Therefore, LGBT folk possess a very special blessing. Some ancient cultures believed we were conduits between Heaven and Earth. Indeed, Bible Scripture strongly suggests that Heaven is our birthright (see Matthew 19, Revelations 14 and Isaiah 56).

Blessed people are meant to be admired. They should never be ridiculed or demeaned. It is disrespectful for Straight people to call us "queers". When we foolishly "reclaim" slurs like "queer" or "gender queer", we disrespect ourselves. How imbecilic can we be, clasping these vulgar labels to our bosoms as if they were precious jewels? As if they were accurate? Calling the wonderful gift God has given us by crude names that mean "weird", "strange" and even worse things is nothing less than an act of blasphemy. It amounts to spitting in the Lord's face! How dare we? Who but an ignorant person would belittle a Divine gift?

Ignorance never did anybody much good. If you could ask the thousands of LGBT individuals whose lives were brutally snatched away from them out of ignorance, they would surely tell you so. Shame never did anybody much good, either, and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Is femininity something vile? It wasn't the last I heard, and if it isn't, there's no justification for a man with feminine mannerisms to be hated. And if masculinity isn't odious, either, why on Earth should a woman be chastised for expressing masculine traits?

As I type these words, Gay Pride Month is gearing up around the world. To me, it's the most dishonest month of the year! Millions of people parading down the street, hanging out their internalized shame for all to see: making LGBT status look like a third-rate burlesque show, getting stoned out of their minds on strong drink and drugs, and identifying themselves with homophobic slurs. This is supposed to be what a proud community looks like? Who do we think we're fooling?

Until we take our entrenched gender hang-ups, tie a ten-ton anchor to them and drop the whole ugly bunch into the deep blue sea, all of our loud talk about Gay Pride is empty hype. Let me say this as plainly as I can: Transgender status is what makes you Gay! If you're not comfortable when you see a Transman or a Transwoman (and many more of us than will admit it aren't), ain't no friggin' way you can feel proud of being homosexual.

Among the many gifts God has bestowed upon humankind, gender may be the greatest one. In its (at least) three manifestations, gender is nothing less than the Lord's Image reflected within us! What a priceless treasure it is; but predictably, wicked humankind has chosen to squander much of it. We celebrate the male, tolerate the female, and loathe the Transgender! Who can deny it? We despise Fullness so much, we try like Hell to stamp it out of existence.

We (and I include LGBT folk in "we") attack it in every way we know how: With dehumanizing labels! With demonizing doctrine! With institutional discrimination, intellectual stigmatization, punitive legislation, coercive imprisonment, and genocidal violence! We take people of faith and try to torture it out of them, using bogus exorcisms, forced heterosexual marriage, and "ex-Gay" brainwashing. We even target Fullness with scalpels, pressuring vulnerable Transfolk to undergo radical "gender reassignment" surgery. As if gender identity isn't valid unless the biology is made to match! We all but shove born eunuchs into the closet, consigning them to the dark recesses of shame and despair. Humankind is relentless in its crusade to preserve the illusion of binary gender and hide the mirror image of God. Could there be any sin more unpardonable?

MATTHEW 5:14-16
(Jesus Christ said) "You are the light of the world . . . no one, after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others . . . and give glory to your Father in Heaven."

LGBT humanity is the lighted lamp that must never be hidden!

The day humanity starts valuing all the manifestations of gender equally will be an occasion for much celebration. It will mark the beginning of numbered days for misogyny, heterosexism and transphobia, those foul viruses that infect our world with sex-based hatred. We've got a lot of groundwork to lay if we're ever going to see that day, so dammit . . . let's get started! Job One is declaring all-out war on the false concept of binary gender. Are you ready to confront the enemy? Then go take a look in the nearest mirror, sugar. The revolution begins at home!

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