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Note: The term "Frankengender" is a reference to "sex change" theory and methodology. It must never be used as a label for people who undergo these procedures.

A lot of people say that "gender reassignment" effects a 100% cure for the Transsexual person. A cure for what, I'd like to know? Induced inferiority? What benefit does a target of bigotry derive from conforming to the twisted values of a bigoted society? And how does society benefit from having its corrupt value system affirmed?

No cure has been effected! On the contrary, the disease (transphobia) has been rendered more virulent. People of blended gender keep falling into its predatory grasp. Transfolk are still being driven to mutilate their bodies because the world they live in rejects the gender God has attached to them. Worse, they're still being driven to commit suicide for the same reason. Either way, violence is being done to the Transgender body. Either way, Transfolk are following the urge to act on socially-imposed self-hatred.

Whenever I make pointed observations like this, I get emails. Nasty, vituperative emails! Acid-tongued individuals claiming to represent "the Transgender community" keep trying to sell me bottles of snake oil. Their wares are odious enough, but their sales technique is even more objectionable! After they're done cursing me out, labeling me an oppressor and/or fictionalizing my personal life . . .

. . . they expect me to swallow this whopping big lie about "gender dysphoria", a "neurological disorder" for which no neurological therapy exists. Instead, major cosmetic surgery including breasts and reproductive organs is the only effective treatment! It's the most demented thing I've ever heard of.

My Stuffed Animal snout is good at smelling rats, and when it comes to consensus wisdom about blended gender, the spoor of rodent is especially strong. Most Transwomen and Transmen can't seem to detect it, though. The reason isn't hard to figure; they're in a state of shock!

Trying to fit into a binary gender world is severely traumatic for them; they run to psychologists and physicians, pleading for peace of mind. In much the same way their predecessors pathologized LesBiGay status in years past, these opportunistic and narrow-minded health professionals slap a disordered label on transsexuality. Convinced that they must be freaks of nature, their patients readily accept this diagnosis; but that's hardly relevant when the diagnosis is wrong!

I submit that "gender dysphoria" is nothing but a convenient way to avoid challenging transphobic social norms. Patients find it easier to change their transsexual anatomy than do battle with a world (and a self-concept) that recoils from it. Doctors find it easier (not to mention far more lucrative) to recommend expensive and painful "sexual reassignment" than to confront their own binary gender bias.

Not every Transperson seeks to change his or her biological gender, but many do, and I understand why. However, I don't understand how any surgeon could be so dishonest as to claim he can perform this miracle. Such a claim violates medical ethics; it's an impossibility! Don't talk to me about what's been published in medical journals, either. There's a big financial incentive to justify "sex change" procedures, and it calls the attendant scholarship into serious question.

Human gender is such an intricate construct, surgery and hormone therapy can only go so far in suppressing it. The most these methods can achieve is an elaborate camouflage. Physical appearance aside, post-operative Transfolk possess the same gender they were born and will die with. I'll never forget a scene from the 1991 documentary Paris Is Burning, where a post-op Transwoman declared that "sex change" surgery had set her free. Much to her chagrin, a companion immediately began remarking on masculine traits she still exhibited: But that voice is still there . . .

Those traits will always be there. Our genders are not exchangeable. This notion of having "the wrong body" and obtaining the "right" one by going under the knife sounds like something out of an old 1940s horror movie! To me, it's Frankengender, an outrageous thing. Yet most people find the truth of transsexuality even more fantastical. You'll be hard-pressed to find anybody, even a Transperson, who wants to admit that women with penises and men with vaginas is just a normal variation of human gender.

So, using a crude methodology pioneered by German scientists (including Nazis scientists such as Joseph Mengele) . . .

. . . the medical establishment devised a bogus way for Transsexual persons to "transition" from male to female, and vice-versa. Then the legal establishment began to allow gender revisions on birth certificates . . . but hold on for a second! Do these developments mean that society truly accepts "sex change" recipients as biological women and men? Not hardly! If it did, comedians wouldn't get so much mileage out of crass Transwoman jokes, and there wouldn't be so many post-op Transfolk agonizing over whether it's safe to reveal their "past".

It upsets me that the Transsexual Rights movement has put such heavy emphasis on surgical "transition". It amplifies the stigma that society attaches to Transgender status. It also fails to validate the unique gender that Transfolk possess.

"Gender reassignment" is a cynical hoax which exploits vulnerable people and leaves them forever chasing a false legitimacy; it's so cruel, so despicable, so horribly inhumane, I can barely stand to think about it. The really tragic part is, a person's inborn Transgender status is every bit as legitimate as conventional male or female biology, but nobody will acknowledge that fact.

As I've said before, there's nothing wrong with most Transsexual patients that broader, more realistic definitions of male and female wouldn't cure. No, I'm not casting doubt on the validity of their psychological trauma; I know they suffer from a serious impairment that warrants immediate treatment. But feelings of disgust for the body you were born with is a mental health issue requiring mental health services. You don't treat mental health issues with radically invasive surgical procedures!!! That's barbaric! And it just keeps getting worse: recently, I was appalled to read that pre-pubescent children are being prepped for this "cure" . . . 

Even so, I support the unrestricted right of (adult) individuals to do whatever they want with their bodies . . . for whatever reason. I never presume to tell Transfolk what to do, though I'm frequently accused of same. All I do is what I've always done: I tell inconvenient truths. The truth about "Sex change" surgery is that it's uncalled-for. It's a cosmetic option for Transfolk, not the medical necessity it's made out to be! The fact that many people decide against having it proves as much.

I will not defer to a shame-based group mindset that demonizes transsexual anatomy. When God assigns gender, no correction is needed! Female-born men and male-born women are no more disordered than human beings who are born Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual . . . in other words, they're not disordered at all. How society may view them, especially self-described experts on "gender dysphoria", is of no significance whatsoever! Jesus Christ left us with this profound teaching:

Why do you see the speck in your neighbor's eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? Or how can you say to your neighbor, 'let me take the speck out of your eye' while the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor's eye.

It's amazing, how fast the speck in a neighbor's eye disappears after you've tended to your own ocular imperfections! Society looks at Transfolk and perceives abnormality. Transfolk internalize that perception, often at an early age. Yet when society is so appallingly ignorant about sex and gender, how could it ever perceive blended gender correctly? A log in the eye? It's more like a log cabin!

The Transsexual Rights movement won't ever get on the right track until Transactivists learn to stop evaluating themselves through society's distorted lens. You can't eradicate binary gender bias by practicing it. More important, you can't effect a cure where no disease exists! Here's an insight from the Messiah that applies to those who insist on pathologizing Transgender identity:

They are blind guides of the blind! And if one blind person guides another, both will fall into a pit.

In this case, the pit in question is a "civilization" that seethes with entrenched transphobia. That's the abnormality that needs to be corrected . . . and it's still there! Quackery like "gender dysphoria" and Frankengender "sex change" operations keep it there.

Transfolk couldn't be any farther from the concept of abnormality if they tried to be. In Gnostic Christian scripture, there's a legend that deals with blended gender. It's much too complex to explain here; for details, you can read my three-part essay "We Are Family" . . .

. . . but essentially, it says that some human beings reflect the Transgender image of God. Transsexuality is described as a Divine state, and historically, it has been recognized as such by some cultures. You don't have to believe Scripture, though, in order to change your opinion about the Transgender body.

The common ancestor from whom all human beings are descended was a Transgender life form! It had to be, or separate male and female bodies could not have evolved from it. Men's nipples, the erectile clitoris, the masculinizing effects of menopause, and the presence of both testosterone and estrogen in every human body all point to our Transgender past.

So if the merging of male and female is an aspect of Godliness, and human gender was originally merged, how can transsexuality be something pathological? Only a dupe of Satan could call wholeness (or Fullness, as it's known in Scripture) a disorder. I believe Satanic influence permeates the world's perception of Transgender status; it certainly contributes to the savage treatment Transfolk suffer.

It's easy to see the Devil's signature on most of the psychopathic hate messages I get! I've learned to expect a deluge of boiling hot bile every time I treat the topic of blended gender. Stuffed Animal doesn't relish being set upon by cyber-psychopaths; who would? But if that's the price I've got to pay for exposing the tremendous harm internalized shame inflicts, then so be it. God has dispatched a message of comfort and affirmation to His Transgender children that must be delivered! I'm honored to carry that message. Here it is, in the form of a statement I call my Transgender Identity Manifesto:

I refuse to perpetuate the absurd fiction that human gender is only binary. Transgender status is a gender as valid as male or female. I refuse to perpetuate the blasphemous lie that human beings are "born into the wrong body". There are no wrong bodies. I refuse to pathologize Transsexual anatomy. It is not a deformity.

I refuse to validate the preposterous idea of people having "the wrong genitals." There is no wrong genitalia. I reject the bogus notion of "gender reassignment." When God blends male with female, human devices cannot separate the two. I reject the baseless notion that human gender should ever need be "transitioned" into. Gender need only be acknowledged.

I reject the ignorant belief that female and male gender cannot co-exist in one body. They can, and they do! I reject the bigotry that condemns female and male gender existing in the same body. How dare mortals condemn what God has made? I denounce the use of transphobic slurs like "gender queer". Verbal genocide is just as lethal as the physical kind. I decry the pitiable victim mentality which encourages Transfolk to pathologize themselves. A gift must not be mistaken for a curse!

I believe that Transgender life is both natural and necessary. I believe Transgender status is the raison d'etre of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual identity. It is not a disorder. It must never be classified as such! People of blended gender are not to be demonized, denigrated or pitied.

Those who promote a transgender victim mentality will find in me a dogged adversary! I shall chastise them for encouraging transfolk to feel inferior. I shall challenge them to embrace the normalcy of blended gender. If they persist in peddling Transsexual victimhood, I shall expose them as the messengers of ignorance that they are.

This opinion piece was banned from the Pam's House Blend website by pathetic individuals whose level of oppression is so profound, they can't even tolerate having its nature discussed publicly. They prefer that the awful truth about bigotry and shame be suppressed. Truth suppression just doesn't work very well for a disciple of Jesus Christ! Frankly, it doesn't work well for anybody. Here's the truth that must not be suppressed: Gender should be left alone! Let it be what it naturally is: Male, female or transgender. Stop lying about it! Stop second-guessing it! Stop pathologizing it! Stop operating on it. Thank you for reading my Gender Monologues.

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