21 May 2014

Life During Wartime (Part Four)

The Revolution Begins At Home!

I know all about going home alone. The Gay blogosphere and I have had a most difficult relationship! I've been banned from the comments section of the Ex-Gay Watch website, threatened with banning at Pam's House Blend, and savaged by patrons of Wayne Besen’s blog while the blogmaster remained silent. The last time I spoke to “Ex-Gay” ministry survivor Peterson Toscano, he called my writing "gunk." Blog trolls have threatened me physically. That’s just the negative stuff I can remember; there was lots more! What brought such stinging disapproval down on my head? Nothing but my message that Gay identity should be respected. That it should always be thought of, spoken of and treated with respect, and that the process begins with Gay people themselves!

I really do believe that the revolution begins at home, and I desperately want it to begin. Accordingly, my goal has been to light a fire under the Gay blogosphere. If I felt it was necessary, I wouldn't hesitate to burn bridges! I've criticized the exhibitionism and frivolity that dominates Gay Pride celebrations. I've criticized the consensus idea that Gay = Sex. Repeatedly, I've criticized demeaning portrayals of Gay people in the media. I've criticized activists for not pushing Gay-related instruction in school curricula. I've criticized violent and racist imagery in Gay pornography. I've called out counter-productive and self-promoting Gay activism. I've scolded activists for their reluctance to directly confront the religious Right Wing. I've hammered home the point that Civil Rights struggles are about morality, not politics. Drama for its own sake never interested me, but there’s nothing like it for raising consciousness!

I like to rip the bedclothes off retrograde thinking and expose idiocy in all its shameful nakedness! Gay organizations allying themselves with groups like NAMBLA (which has happened a few times over the years) is wrong, and I've said so. Denouncing marriage equality on Left Wing ideological grounds is wrong, and I've said so. Praising TV shows that treat Gay people like fetishes ("Queer As Folk", "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", "The L Word") is wrong, and I've said so. Marginalizing LGBT history as "Queer Studies" is wrong, and I've said so. Exporting the label "queer" to Gay activists in the developing world is deplorable, and I've said so. Dialoguing with "ex-Gay" propagandists as if their arguments were reasonable is dangerous, and I've been penalized for saying so. I don't give a damn! I'm not afraid to get personal, either. I've laid into extreme butch/femme role playing, the equating of Gay sex with sado-masochism, and public sexual activity.

My take-no-prisoners attitude proved unpopular, and I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Saying things nobody wants to hear or think about will make you unpopular, no doubt about that! However, the alternative is to STFU, go along to get along, and be just another dishonest pundit, pretending that the Emperor parading down the avenue isn't as naked as a jaybird. I find myself temperamentally incapable of being that kind of pundit!

Dig it . . . I'm the guy who'll tell kids that Santa Claus is a myth! I'm the guy who'll tell Sinatra fanatics that their idol didn't sing so great in his later years. I'm the Black guy who'll disagree when Black folks deny skin color was a factor when they voted for President Obama. Lord deliver me . . . I just can't help myself! I've got an automatic bullsh*t detector that won't quit! Not only will I risk going home alone, I won't even dance to music that I don’t like. Guess I took the lyrics of that old Mama Cass song too much to heart:

You're gonna be knowin'/The loneliest kind of lonely/It may be rough goin'/Just to do your thing/The hardest thing to do/But you've gotta make your own kind of music/Sing your own special song/Make your own kind of music/Even if nobody else sings along.*

I still like that song. I like it because the lyrics ring so true. It is hard to do your own thing, and most people don't! They conform to the status quo, even if it's corrupt.

The majority of LGBT folk conform, especially those who fancy themselves the most radical thing since seafood pizza! Society tells them that they're deviant, so they claim deviance. Society tells them that they're promiscuous, so they act promiscuous. Society tells them that they're fringe, so they distance themselves from the mainstream. Society excludes them from marriage, military service, religious faith, etcetera, so they adopt political stances that decry all of those things.

My friend, Rev. Jerry Maneker, has coined a name for them: they're Happy Perverts, willingly buying into the pariah status that cruel heterosexists have created for them. What they get out of it is the right to call themselves culture rebels. In exchange, they give up dignity, integrity and justice. I'll be damned if I ever do a business transaction like that!

The life options that Happy Perverts reject are essential options worth fighting for! That's why I've declared war on the Pervert Mentality, and there will be no truce declared! My mission is to root saboteurs out of the Gay Rights movement so that its objectives aren't compromised from within. I know the odds are stacked against me; I've come under heavy fire, and I've been wounded a few times; but I'm in this thing for the duration! I've gotten used to life during wartime, so . . . see you on the battlefield, sugar!

Christ, The Gay Martyr has been an incredible learning experience for me, and I hope it's been so for others as well. Now, it's time for me to explore new opportunities. To those few who became followers of my blog, thanks so much for walking this journey with me! Extra special thanks to Jerry and Eileen Maneker, who’ve been my battle buddies for many months. Join me next time, when I open and close my Final Book of Testimony.  

Originally published in March 2010.

Rainbow America

*Excerpt from "Life During Wartime" by David Byrne, copyright ©1979 Blue Disque Music/Index Music (ASCAP). Excerpt from "Revolver" by Madonna, Dwayne Carter, Justin Franks, Carlos & Steven Battey and Brandon Kitchen, copyright ©2009 Webo Girl Publishing/Artist Publishing Group West/j. Franks Publishing/Apartment Four Publishing/Mall B Publishing(ASCAP)/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing/Young Money Publishing/Artist 101 Publishing Group (BMI). Excerpt from "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, copyright ©1969 Screen Gems/EMI Music (BMI).

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