02 January 2010

Proving Me Right (Part One)

Barack Obama

I'm so glad that I didn't vote for Barack Obama last November! I can't even begin to tell you. Don't take that to mean I'm happy, though! I'm not happy, and I'm not gloating. There's no pleasure in being able to say I told you so!

From the first time I heard him in a presidential debate, I didn't simply trust the man! I wasn't impressed by his Colgate smile. I wasn't bowled over by his wry sense of humor. His personal charisma didn't do much for me. I thought his much-praised speaking ability was overrated. I didn't give a damn about his best-selling autobiography! I didn't drink his Kool-Aid. I don't like friggin' Kool-Aid! I never forgot, as many others did, that Candidate Obama was a politician. I viewed his rosy promises through that crystal-clear lens. Yet, after he was elected, I hoped against hope that my fears about him were misguided (see my November 2008 post titled "Proving Me Wrong").

I no longer have any hope to hope against. My fears have been realized! Where strong, moral leadership is concerned, Barack Obama gets a failing grade!

More and more, Progressive Americans are having their eyes opened to his deficiencies. Progressive LGBT Americans in particular have been opening their eyes. Frankly, we've had no choice in the matter! During his campaign, Barack Obama pledged to be a "fierce advocate" for equality. Before he even set foot in the White House, he betrayed that pledge! Now he's broken it so many times, I've lost count. The activists at gay.americablog.com have kept a tally of his betrayals. Let me share part of their list with you; it's pretty shocking, so you might want to sit down! Our current President is guilty of:

Asking a religious Right activist who claims to have been “cured” of his homosexuality (Donnie McClurkin) to headline campaign events in South Carolina; then letting the anti-Gay bigot spend half an hour on stage, haranguing Gays (sic) at the (campaign) event.

Refusing for months to interview with LGBT newspapers during the campaign, while his opponent did (so) repeatedly.

Inviting anti-Gay activist Rick Warren, who helped pass Prop 8 in California, to give the invocation at the Inaugural.

Abolishing the LGBT Outreach position (on) the Democratic National Committee and never re-instating it.

Refusing to re-establish the White House Office of LGBT Outreach and the White House LGBT Liaison (which was a Special Assistant to the President at one point).

Continuing to discharge two Gay service members a day, even though he could stop it immediately by issuing a stop-loss order.

Asking for a study on “whether” repealing DADT would hurt national security, rather than a study on how to repeal it, as promised.

Deleting his Gay Civil Rights promise from the White House Web site.

Changing his commitment to “repeal” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, to “changing DADT in a sensible manner.”

Repeatedly defending DOMA in court, even though he didn't have to.

Comparing Gay relationships to incest and pedophilia in a Justice Department brief.

Joking about Gay protesters (who were) upset about the DOMA brief.

Refusing to provide health care benefits to the partners of Gay (government) employees, and then claiming that DOMA precludes it, when it does not.

Refusing to meet with Gay legal groups to discuss how to provide such health benefits within the confines of DOMA.

Showing visible discomfort when asked about Gay Civil Rights.

Suggesting he won't get to (repealing) DADT, DOMA or ENDA until his second term, if ever.

Refusing to suspend implementation of anti-Gay laws like DADT and DOMA, while suspending laws that hurt other (groups).

Working against an amendment proposed by Representative Alcee Hastings (D-FL) to defund Don't Ask, Don't Tell investigations.

Saying he won't repeal DADT until (the) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have finished.

Refusing to issue a statement specifically opposing anti-Gay ballot measures in Maine and Washington state.

Refusing to publicly endorse marriage equality for Gays (sic).

Refusing to this day to interview with the Gay press.

Refusing to apologize for any of these slights.

Do you smell something? I do, and it sure as sh*t ain't teen spirit! That stank coming off President Obama is deep-rooted heterosexism, no doubt cultivated by so-called Conservative, so-called Christian beliefs! Why else do you think he was tardy condemning Uganda's proposed death penalty for LGBT citizens (a transgression missing from this list)? Rick Warren actually beat him to the punch!

The odor from his marriage equality stance is especially pungent! For an op-ed dated 30 December 2009, The Advocate's Washington correspondent Kerry Eleveld notes:

In assessing the year in LGBT rights, what is most striking to me is the Obama administration’s unwillingness to engage on almost anything related to (same gender) relationship recognition. Time and again, the administration has had opportunities to lean into the subject, to nudge the nation a little closer to equality for same-sex couples, and it has repeatedly leaned back, seemingly hoping the subject would disappear into the ether . . . by and large, the administration has shown a reticence bordering on negligence for (mandating) full and equal treatment.

Why does this reticence surprise Ms. Eleveld? Has she forgotten Candidate Obama's stated opposition to marriage equality? Add her name to the long list of memory-challenged Gay voters! Yet she makes a valid point when she says:

The administration (falls) far short of advancing the Democratic ideals many progressives believed Barack Obama represented when they cast their vote for him. Obama campaigned on equality . . . while you can make the case that, as President, he is making pragmatic decisions . . . as a guard against letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, not allowing a Federal agency to provide health benefits to a (Lesbian) worker because of an ideology that willfully emphasizes DOMA . . . is essentially a form of reasoned discrimination.

Essentially? There's no need to qualify the statement. It's flat-out bigotry! The awful truth about President Obama's ideological bent is something most Progressives haven't fully grasped yet. How much longer will it take?

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