25 February 2014

The Pervert Mentality (Part One)

Queer Affair

What is the Pervert Mentality? It’s something that my friend, Rev. Jerry Maneker and I often discuss when we exchange emails. Jerry describes it as "a counter-revolutionary mindset that reflects and projects selfish hedonism". I describe it as a regressive mindset that reflects and projects internalized shame. We both agree that it fetishizes Gay people as "queers" or sex perverts, much in the same way a racist mentality fetishizes Black people as primitive and subhuman. The main difference is that the Pervert Mentality is as prevalent among its victims (LGBT folk) as it is among their oppressors!

I could go into further detail, but rather than try to abstractly describe this phenomenon, let me show you what it is instead. Jerry recently sent me a perfect (and perfectly disgusting) example. Check out the following excerpts from a syndicated column that appeared in the May 15th edition of LA Weekly; it's called “Ladies Love Gay Male Porn”. With a title like that, you’d expect a column to be provocative, right? You wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be offensive, though.  Well, there’s a way to offend with excessive provocation. Author, lecturer, columnist and pornographic film producer Tristan Taormino shows you how it’s done!

I just got back from a weekend at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where I attended "Console-ing Passions: An International Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism". . . it was three days of geeking out with academics about TV, the Internet, and various kinds of media studies . . . naturally, the first panel I went to was all about porn, with four scholars presenting papers on Lesbian identity politics and pornography . . . a bunch of women stuck around afterwards to continue the discussion that the panel had, um, stimulated, and we began talking about the kind of porn we all watched . . . (someone) chimed in: "Do you like f*g porn? All my queer (sic) female friends do." Hers wasn't a surprising question. I know Lesbians who dig it more than any other kind of hardcore fare.

Somehow, I don’t think she’s talking about average, every day, garden-variety Lesbians!

I briefly dated a genderqueer (sic) d*ke who just loved Gay male porn . . . (especially films) which feature young, hairless European lads (think the boy-on-boy version of the Straight barely-legal genre). The boys are very pretty and androgynous, and some of them could definitely be mistaken for d*kes with their clothes on. But other girl-loving girls love über-butch men, leather daddies, and big hairy bears, so it's not always about androgyny. By now, I think it's commonplace to accept that queer (sic) women love queer (sic) male porn . . .

"Commonplace?" “By now?” Methinks the lady doth exaggerate! I patronized adult video stores for many years, and never did I see so much as half a Lesbian couple browsing Gay or Straight titles! Granted, Ms. Taormino could be referring to mail order business, but her claim that all homosexual women consume pornography is ludicrous! Historically, Lesbian feminists have taken a dim view of X-rated films.

. . . some d*kes can get their fix of queerness (sic), both the lust and the cultural aesthetics, via Gay porn, even though it features people of a different gender . . . queer (sic) is often attracted to queer (sic) first and foremost, like when the guy I lusted after in high school turned out to be Gay . . .

Hot damn! That’s ironclad scientific reasoning she’s using there.

. . . plenty of Lesbians identify with various forms of masculinity . . . they may like to fantasize and play with gender and sex. Gay porn gives them a range of masculine desires to relate to or lust after. For those d*kes who themselves identify as f*g, or who like butch/butch, boi/boi (sic), or Transman/Transman sex, they can see a hyper-masculine version of their own sex lives and/or fantasies performed on the small screen.

So, except for the genders involved, Gay male sexuality is identical to Gay female sexuality? Really? Where's a Kinsey Institute staffer when you need one? This woman desperately needs a reality check!

The phenomenon of Straight women who love Gay male porn has been documented, and was discussed plenty when flocks of females gushed over Brokeback Mountain.

I didn’t know Brokeback Mountain was a pornographic film? I’d have sworn the sex scenes were as fake as the acting was!

When women came out of their f*g-loving (sic) closet, it illustrated the flip side of a common theory: Plenty of Straight men love girl/girl porn because they want to see lots of who they lust after. The same is true for het (sic) women: They like to look at hot naked men (having sex), and it doesn't really matter that they're (having sex with) each other . . .

Excuse me, but engaging in voyeurism doesn't necessarily translate into "love" for the subject of said voyeurism! Some White slavemasters bred their Black slaves like animals, and they would watch while they copulated. I'm sure more than a few of those racists enjoyed the sight, too. Did that prurient enjoyment constitute "love"? I don't think Ms. Taormino would want to go there. I certainly wouldn't!

. . . journalist Kera Bolonik admits that she gets off with men on-screen, but not in real life: "Nothing makes me hotter than watching two men going at it. There is something really admirable about Gay male porn, at least in principle: It's egalitarian. Everyone gets a turn at the top as well as at the bottom. Everyone comes, and often they do it together." I'm not sure this concept of equality is attractive to everyone (I personally like a hefty dose of power dynamics with my sex), but it supports the notion of seeing some kind of sameness, something non-heterosexual represented.

. . . and naturally, that "sameness" provides the slumming Lesbian with a kinky, vicarious thrill, even if the thought of being with men "in real life" turns her stomach a little. OK, that’s quite enough of that! So much giddy fetishization turns my stomach a little!

Tristan Taormino loads her copy with sexual slurs like some people load their food with salt! They ignore the risk to physical health. She's ignoring a risk to societal health! I'll explain what I mean by that after the jump.

"The Pervert Mentality" continues with Part Two.

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