22 March 2008

Stumbling Blocks To Gay Liberation: IGNORANCE

Stumbling Block

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines ignorance as a lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. I agree with the definition, but it sounds benign. Ignorance is anything but! As we all know, it’s the root of all kinds of injustice. It makes pastors, imams and rabbis deny Gay people marriage ceremonies. It makes Boy Scouts of America officials ban Gay people from Scout troops. It makes school administrators ban information about Gay people from the classroom. It makes military recruiters disqualify Gay people for armed service. It makes casting directors bypass Lesbian and Gay actors for certain film roles.

It makes angry mobs lynch Lesbians and Gay men in the streets of Jamaica. It makes televangelists, politicians and church leaders give the most inflammatory speeches imaginable. It’s the reason for the whole bogus “ex-Gay” industry! It has driven an untold number of us to attempt or succeed at committing suicide. Ignorance is our first stumbling block: Ignorance about who and what we are, about our history, about what religion teaches about us, and about what it takes to have a successful Gay Rights movement. It provides the mortar foundation for all the other stumbling blocks, so it must be dealt with first!

I believe the best way to do that is to discover what Gay identity really is underneath all the stereotyping and misconceptions. Are we sexual deviants? No. Are we moral degenerates? No. Are we spawn of Satan? Of course not! So what are we? There’s no definite answer, of course, but we already know enough to reach an informed conclusion. Recent scientific research, years of personal testimony from LGBT individuals, and ancient legends from around the world all concur: LGBT folk are a gender-neutral people!

One such legend actually comes from Christian Scripture; it's found in both the Bible and Gnostic Christian texts. It holds that LGBT folk (variously called eunuchs, virgins, free men and barren women) are links between Heaven and Earth, a priestly class that God created to carry out His divine will both here and in the afterlife! Quite a different perception than what the Organized Church has of us, isn’t it? (For more details, read my three-part essay "We Are Family", found under the Gay Identity label in my sidebar.)

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to believe legends in order to arrive at our true identities. All we really need do is listen to our Transsexual sisters and brothers, who’ve been trying to tell us for decades that male and female gender can exist in the same body! It’s the truth! Most available evidence suggests that Gay, Pansexual and Transsexual human beings are all Transgender to some degree or other.

We’ve been encouraged to define ourselves by our sexuality, but that’s just wrong! What defines us is a variation of human gender, a natural and normal variation just like skin or eye color. Some of us (among them journalist Gabriel Rotello, historian Martin Duberman and Hip Hop singer Ari Gold) have already perceived as much about Gay identity. I'm confident that science will ultimately validate this perception! Don’t pay attention to activists who warn that knowing and publicizing the truth will only give our enemies a new way to attack us. They'll attack us regardless of what’s revealed, but the truth will ultimately set us free from Ignorance!

"Stumbling Blocks to Gay Liberation" continues with DENIAL.

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