18 June 2007

So Damn Tired (Part Three)

This is probably the best example you'll ever see of how hatemongers package prejudice to give it the air of legitimacy. Gay identity alone isn't shocking enough to explain Jamaica's hetero-fascist culture, so troglodytes like John Hardy have put a nastier spin on it! They've used the local sodomy myth to link homosexual acts with racism, slavery, defiled manhood and economic exploitation. In so doing, they've stirred up an explosive cocktail of race hatred, national resentment, religious intolerance, machismo and heterosexism! Ignorance is the catalyst that makes this mad scientist's potion blow up in the faces of LGBT islanders; and that's exactly what has happened. Fueled by ignorance, the threat of mob violence and murder hangs over them constantly! For Transsexual folk in particular, life in Jamaica is a daily fight for survival among predators!

Believing (or pretending to believe) an urban legend is one thing; using it to justify hate crimes is something else entirely! Sadism isn't synonymous with homosexual status, and Gay Jamaicans haven't engaged in sadistic practices. They haven't raped their Straight neighbors! They haven't forced their Straight neighbors to rape one another. They haven't menaced their Straight neighbors with "ramrods". They're the ones being menaced . . . with fists, feet, guns, knives and blunt objects!

Any public figure who tries to excuse genocide is a savage in civilized dress! Decca Aitkenhead is a savage! John Hardy is a savage! If his unrepentant attitude is typical of Jamaican clergy, then the moral appeal Elder Nancy Wilson has made to them is a lost cause. An economic and cultural boycott (such as I suggested in my essay "Island Of Lost Souls") would get her point across much more effectively! She'd do well to reflect on this teaching:

(Jesus Christ said) Do not give what is Holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them underfoot and turn and maul you.

Speaking of mauling, that's a very good description of what this swine of a Kingston preacher does to Christian doctrine!

The Christian community must . . . use their right of freedom of speech to be vocal about the wrongness of homosexuality . . .

Freedom of speech may allow for heterosexist expression, but the Son of God doesn't! Jesus Christ never taught the "wrongness of homosexuality"! Any clergyman who claims that He did is confusing Christianity with some other faith.

. . . but the church community should not join with the rest of the society and physically or verbally abuse homosexuals (sic).

Gay Jamaicans should thank "Reverend" John profusely for this display of compassion. How comforting to know that he and his church will merely stand by and observe while they're being brutalized! It reminds me of an unreformed Saul of Tarsus watching while Saint Stephen was stoned to death!

The church should exhibit love and compassion for homosexuals (sic), pray for their transformation, and help them find Jesus Christ as their true liberator.

How can members of a church help anybody find Jesus Christ when they haven't found Him themselves? Judging by his willingness to engage in false prophecy, John Hardy isn't even looking! I'm reminded of another teaching the Savior left us:

LUKE 6: 39
Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit?

What would a religious bigot do without his "ex-Gay" talking points? Inevitably, he must spout those old reliable lines about "lifestyle" change and chosen sexual orientation! If he doubts those lines are persuasive enough, he can cite non-existent evidence of "conquered" homosexuality, and throw in some taken-out-of-context Bible verses for good measure:

Homosexual behavior can be conquered, as evidenced by the thousands of people who have completely given up the lifestyle (sic). If homosexual behavior were thought to be inborn, Scripture would not have said: Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way, the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another (Romans 1:26-27). The clear implication is that the homosexual acts were deliberate choices.

Most of us become aware of Gay identity during childhood, long before we begin having sex. Six and seven-year-olds, making "deliberate" sexual "choices"? Dude, I don't think so.

From a Jamaican cultural and historical perspective, even if the Bible did not make any pronouncement against homosexuality, the painful and humiliating experiences of sodomy by the White colonial slave masters would still give rise to Jamaicans saying: "Don't push from the back! It's a painful act."

I've never heard of any Caribbean Gay men getting beaten or murdered because they were caught having sex. They might've been engaged in work or leisure activities, walking down the street, or quietly going about their business at home. Just the acknowledgement of Gay identity, or more often, rumors of it, is what triggered brutality. Murderous Jamaican mobs don't see their victims having anal sex, and they can't know for sure what their sexual habits are. In the case of Lesbians (who've also been killed in Jamaica), the anal sex panic argument is even more ludicrous!

So there's no basis for this theory of trauma-induced, knee-jerk reactions to a specific sex act. The act is never witnessed! It's nothing but a cruel ploy, designed to blame LGBT folk for their own persecution; I call it the "look-what-you-make-me-do" argument. I'm a righteous person! You're the evil one! You do bad things in bed. I never see you do them, but just knowing about them drives me crazy. It's all your fault, faggot! You make me hate you. You make me hurt you! You make me take your life. Just imagine how effective that kind of rationalization will be on Judgment Day!

"So Damn Tired" continues with Part Four.