20 June 2007

So Damn Tired (Part One)

MATTHEW 23: 13-15
(Jesus Christ said) Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you lock people out of the kingdom of Heaven; for you do not go in yourselves, and when others are going in, you stop them! Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you cross sea and land to make a single convert, and you make the new convert twice as much a child of Hell as yourselves!

You think you've seen everything. You think you've heard everything! You think expressions of heterosexist hatred couldn't possibly get more extreme than they already are. Then you run into the kind of undiluted evil that knocks the breath right out of you!

Recently, on his Christian LGBT Rights blog, Rev. Jerry Maneker called attention to an editorial from the 16 June 2007 edition of The Jamaica Observer. Pam Spaulding also blogged about it at pamshouseblend.com. Written by John Hardy, a self-described Christian minister from Kingston, Jamaica, it's called "Don't Push From The Back! It's A Painful Act." The editorial purports to address concerns about Jamaican society that had been raised by Elder Nancy Wilson, leader of the Gay-affirming Metropolitan Community Church.

This opinion piece is one of the most Satanic things I've ever read! It made me feel sick to the stomach! It portrays the Jamaican people as psychopaths. It portrays the British people as sadists. It provides a rationale for murdering Gay men! It does these things by means of doctored quotes, mangled Scripture and wild, unsubstantiated claims. It's a mendacious, hateful, racist, heterosexist and blasphemous document! That something so lurid would pass muster as an editorial speaks to a dearth of journalistic standards at the Observer! Here are excerpts:

In a recent comment, (Metropolitan Community Church's) Reverend Nancy Wilson said: "Over the years, a lot of attention has been focused on the male homosexual community in Jamaica, where intolerance . . . is very high. In recent weeks, a number of beatings of alleged homosexual men . . . have been reported in the media." Indeed, Jamaica can be considered a homophobic society, that is, a society that has a very low tolerance for homosexual activities.

Given what I've learned recently about Jamaica (see my previous posts "Blood On Their Hands" and "Island Of Lost Souls", Parts One and Two), the word "homophobic" doesn't accurately describe its social climate. "Genocidal" is a much better description!

But what has caused Jamaicans in general to have developed such an attitude . . . ? The psychologists and sociologists have agreed that if an individual or a group . . . have a consistency in a particular behavioral pattern, there must be . . . underlying causes.

Pull on your hip boots! You're about to wade into a very deep manure pit!

Canadian writer Mark Steyn, in an article in The (UK) Daily Telegraph of January 11, 2005 . . . has indicated how Jamaicans have developed such a passion against homosexual activities.

Actually, Mark Steyn indicated no such thing! In a calculated attempt to mislead readers, Hardy brazenly manipulates his words:

"After all, who made them homophobic?" he wrote, and he quoted one of the writers in The (UK) Guardian. "'The vilification of Jamaican homophobia,' says Decca Aitkenhead, ' is just an attempt to distract from the real culprit. It's a failure to recognize 400 years of Jamaican history, starting with the sodomy of male slaves by their White owners as a means of humiliation.'"

In the 5 January 2005 edition of The Guardian, British columnist Decca Aitkenhead defended anti-Gay sentiment in Jamaica. As you'd expect, her piece was very controversial, and it sparked many rebuttals. Mark Steyn's editorial was one of them! The following quote comes from him; its tone was meant to convey sarcasm. However, John Hardy presents it as a sober statement of fact:

"By enslaving them and taking them to our Caribbean plantations and sodomizing them every night, we left them with feelings of rejection and humiliation that laid the foundations (for) their homophobic architechture. The point to remember is, as the writer (Ms. Aitkenhead) put it, 'Their homophobia is our fault.'"

A little later, I'll quote extensively (and accurately) from Steyn's piece, and place this passage in its proper context. Right now, let's venture into the foulest-smelling part of John Hardy's manure pit! Hold your noses!

The Black slaves and most of their descendants developed this hatred for homosexual activities because of the painful experiences that their forefathers endured during slavery. It is alleged that if and when a White slave master suspected that Black male slaves were showing any sign of resistance to their enslavement, the most cruel and brutal treatment would be meted out to them.

Take note of the word "alleged". It's an important word to remember, given what you're about to read:

One such treatment would be sodomization!

Anal rape! How very compatible with the conservative Judeo-Christian values of the British colonists!

The White slave master could sodomize the Black males privately or publicly.

I presume tickets were sold to these public events?

Black slaves could be forced to sodomize each other in front of slave masters and other members of the plantation.

What could be more effective for subduing restless Negroes than having them witness sexual torture? Man, that tactic really must've kept those darkies in line!

Wooden objects known as ramrods would be used to sodomize the Black male slaves until at times blood and excreta would spurt out of their bodies as water gushes out of a broken fountain.

At which time, of course, they would die of blood loss and internal injuries! Witnessing such horrors surely made slaves eager to remain in bondage. No doubt, those naughty thoughts of escape never entered their minds again!

Mindful of his status as the pastor of Kingston's New Testament Church of God, John Hardy thoughtfully mixes a little Scripture in with the gore and excrement:

It is this painful and humiliating experience of 400 years . . . that gave rise to Jamaicans' homophobic attitude. The Jews exhibit a similar disposition to a painful experience of their ancestor Jacob. Genesis 32:25: When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob's hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. Genesis 32:32: Therefore, to this day the Israelites do not eat the tendon attached to the socket of the hip, because the socket of Jacob's hip was touched near the tendon. After 4,000 years, the Jews still remember the painful experience of their ancestor. Therefore, they will not eat the tendon of the hip of any animal.

Is this the first time you've read a graphic description of anal torture followed by a discussion of kosher law? It's the first time for me! Taking the twisted analogy Hardy draws here to its logical conclusion, Jamaicans would be motivated to avoid anal penetration, just as kosher Jews avoid eating the meat of the tendon. I don't think genocidal acts committed against Gay men constitute this kind of avoidance, though!

"So Damn Tired" continues with Part Two.