17 June 2007

So Damn Tired (Part Four)

John Hardy's evil hatemongering in The Jamaica Observer is just the latest example of a nagging problem: Bogus theologians getting free reign to demonize Lesbians and Gay men! Hardy joins a lengthening list of Black Bible bigots who proudly display their ugly sides in public. Among his fellow false prophets are "brothers" Eddie Long, Wellington Boone, Harry Jackson, Jr, Ken Hutcherson and TD Jakes, all of whom I've had past occasion to denounce. My sources tell me that Latino fundies are starting to jump on the Gay-basher's bandwagon, too. Please forgive my crude language, but . . .

I'm so damn tired of these stupid ~@#%ers!!!

I wake up every morning and wonder: Which social pariah will I be likened to today? A prostitute? A pedophile? A serial rapist? Will they blame me for slave trade horrors, military unit sabotage, or the 9/11 terrorist attacks? What new slander will they invent? Which rhetorical brush will they choose to tar me with next? I shudder to think about it! Right Wing clergy pollute our media under the guise of "freedom of religion." They spew the same kind of hate speech that sparked anti-Jewish pogroms in Germany seventy years ago. We know, of course, what those pogroms were a precursor to. Shouldn't we be doing something to protect ourselves?

Why don't we test the limits of their so-called religious freedom? Why don't we file an international class-action lawsuit against denominations whose leaders make a habit of vilifying us? Why don't we challenge their false articulations of Scripture in a court of law? What's stopping us? I, for one, have been "pushed from the back" by these jokers one time too many! I'd like nothing better than to haul off and lay a "painful act" on their sorry asses that they'll never forget!

Dr. Jerry Maneker is in the same frame of mind as me. Increasingly, he's been calling for legal action to curb religious bigotry. With his permission, I'm cross-posting here an essay he just wrote on this topic. Jerry's take-no-prisoners Gay advocacy is the antidote to John Hardy's racist and heterosexist savagery; he draws the parallels between Black and Gay oppression in bright rainbow colors!

Malcolm X said that you don't take your case to the criminal, but you take the criminal to court!

In my opinion, Malcolm X was assasinated in 1965 because he sought to bring the United States before the United Nations on charges of Human Rights violations in its treatment of Afro-Americans. By bringing the whole, ugly side of this racist society (to) the world spotlight, Malcolm X sought redress for the grinding and institutionalized oppression of Afro-Americans . . . and, at the same time, embarrass this country that prided itself on being "the land of the free and the home of the brave" . . . a shining city on a hill that represented democratic values, and vaunted its pride in being a free country where all people were equal before the law.

. . . although we are by no means done with the pathology of racism, LGBT people have now (replaced) Afro-Americans as the target group for the haters . . . who feel the need to vent their collective spleen on a group they view as safe to persecute. And they have all sorts of religious types to bolster, fuel, and justify their false sense of superiority. . . (their) rhetoric . . . rings out from assorted pulpits and media outlets throughout the United States and many other countries in the world. And, as I (have written) many times in the past . . . that hateful rhetoric, frequently couched in sanctimony, causes untold numbers of suicides, bashings, and murders of LGBT people.

Always follow the money . . . in America and elsewhere, hate is what helps bring in the money, and gets the mercenary juices flowing! One doesn't have to listen to too many fiery sermons and rantings by . . . clergy, evangelists, and talk show hosts . . . to realize the truth of this contention! And that hate fuels discriminatory behavior; oppresses LGBT people, consigning them to inferior, second-class status in society, (and) denies them full and equal civil and sacramental rights.

I would very much like to see the major LGBT rights organizations work in concert to bring their respective countries' religious and secular leaders . . . before the World Court, and have them indicted and tried (in absentia, if necessary) for Human Rights violations!

So would I, Jerry! That's what it'll take to stem this flood of genocidal speech. A prosecution such as you describe should've been pursued years ago. Bring it on! I'd be more than willing to sign on as a plaintiff. I'm ready to fall up in the World Court along with thousands of other LGBT hate victims from across the globe. I'm itching to get on the witness stand and sock it to the Vatican, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Church of Latter Day Saints, and all the rest of these "faith-based" slanderers! I'll gladly go on record about the beatings, the threats, the public humiliations, the loss of income, the estrangement from family and the long years of alienation from my faith. The horror stories Gay people can tell would make South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commissions look like company picnics!

All you Human Rights attorneys out there . . . WTF are you waiting for? Git 'er done! When you start pulling your case together in earnest, buzz me here at the blog. Stuffed Animal wants to submit an affidavit!

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