09 May 2007

Don't Listen To Tokyo Rose! (Part Two)

Tokyo Rose

The psychopath known as North Dallas Thirty, whom I referred to in the first part of this essay, evidently can't read! The knucklehead is trying to post his bigotry to Christ, The Gay Martyr now! This morning, he sent me this insolent message:

Poor Stuffed Animal. So devoted to tolerance and open discussion . . . so prone to name-calling and censorship. :)

Yesterday, he tried to post another outrageous statement on Jerry Maneker's blog in response to my comments. This last one accused me of promoting incestuous relationships, and worse, of being a NAMBLA sympathizer (NAMBLA is an organization that advocates for legalized pedophilia and pederasty). Here's a tiny excerpt of his libelous outburst:

. . . since you have claimed society has no right to pass judgment on whether or not "love" is valid, then your attempts to prevent groups like NAMBLA from acting on what they define as "love" is hypocritical.

Have you ever read anything so disgusting? NDT isn't just a Class-A bigot, he's a pervert, too! (How's that for name-calling? And that's hardly the worst I could call him. Were it not for my Christian values, I'd be dropping some epithets on the joker vicious enough to hurt his ancestors' feelings!) Even his smiley-face punctuation looks sick!

To equate Gay people with incestuous lovers and child predators is reprehensible, but North Dallas Thirty went much further than that. He dared to talk flippantly about pedophilia, a crime that emotionally cripples countless young people. That's inexcusable! Anybody who'd do that ought to be investigated by the police, because it's a strong indicator of dangerous sexual depravity. NDT has shown himself to be a profoundly disturbed individual, and he needs to seek psychological treatment! For sure, he ought not be posting commentary to blogs. Lord only knows what evil thing he'll feel forced to say next!

I'm making the following statements for my readers' benefit; these comments aren't meant for him, because he is beneath my contempt!  I never enter into discussions with depraved people if I can help it. Who would? I refuse to tolerate bigots, and I say so with pride!  If anybody wants to accuse me of being a censor, then he or she should go right ahead and do it!

Do it forcefully and often, until your face turns red! See if I care. I've been called much worse in my time. Actually, the name "censor" doesn't offend me. Unlike a lot of Progressives, I don't think of censorship as a dirty word. Censorship is like strong drink; too much of it can lead to disastrous consequences, but used in moderation, it can be quite good for you!

It's good for raving bigots to have their inflammatory comments censored! It teaches them a valuable lesson. They learn that some people won't put up with their wild ideological ranting, their ad hominem attacks, and their lewd insinuations. That lesson isn't taught nearly often enough in today's media culture! Just like I told Jerry Maneker recently:

. . . you, being rational and sensible, deleted that comment (from North Dallas Thirty) immediately so that no one else would be exposed to it. But often on TV news shows, depraved "Christian" ministers like Donald Wildmon and local nutcase Jerry Johnston spout the same kind of swill, and they are never censored. No, they're not even challenged, and (their) outrageous statements are clearly false and libelous.

We all need to get in the habit of telling Tokyo Rose to take a hike!  It's the responsible thing to do, it's the intelligent thing to do, and it's patriotic, too! Damn right! Real American values are affirmed every time we refuse to let irresponsible people trivialize and dishonor our Freedom of Speech.

This is a truism that goes well beyond conversations about Gay Rights. It applies to debate on the war in Iraq, abortion, illegal immigration, stem cell research, and everything else we're dealing with right now as a nation. We have the power to make our national debates whatever we want them to be! We can discuss controversial topics in a way that's reasoned and civil, or we can let such discussions deteriorate into acrimonious free-for-alls, divorced from factual evidence and devoid of mutual respect.

We don't have to surrender our public forums to trash talkers! It's all about imposing standards. There will always be standards imposed at Christ, The Gay Martyr! If that fact doesn't sit well with some people who patronize this blog, then they can leave here the same way they came in . . . may the door not hit 'em where the good Lord split 'em!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.