03 April 2007

Why Do You Like It So Rough? (Part Three)

6. What is your opinion of people who claim that they are no longer Gay?

What would your opinion be of people who claimed they were no longer White, Asian or Black? 'Nuff said! Let me say a little bit more, though: There is absolutely no justification for accepting, tolerating or promoting the "ex-Gay" myth!  It's a distortion of who and what Gay people are, not to mention an excuse to indulge in prurient obsession with sexual behavior.

Dig it: Screwing someone of the opposite sex doesn't make you Straight any more than bedding someone of the same gender makes you Gay! Sexual orientation is what you feel, not what you do. If you know in your heart that your primary attraction is to the opposite sex, and for some reason you're pursuing homosexual relationships, you're not Gay. You can't choose to be Gay! You can choose to act in a way contrary to your nature, but you can't choose your nature.

Being Lesbian or Gay has never been just about sexual behavior! It's about desire on an involuntary, deeply physiological level (what "ex-Gay" charlatans scurrilously call "unwanted sexual attraction"). You can't become heterosexual by indulging in heterosexual intimacy. You can't become heterosexual by refusing homosexual intimacy. Nor can you become heterosexual by abstaining from all sexual intimacy. If you've been celibate for fifty friggin' years, you're just as Gay as a promiscuous circuit party animal!

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ is quoted as saying that some men are born eunuchs (not attracted to women), while other Christian texts like the Gnostic Gospel of Philip confirm that what we call "homosexuality" is an inborn condition. So all these misguided people who claim to be "ex-Gay" are liars, especially the ones who insist that they "changed" as a result of God's will. To my earlier statement that people who love you don't lie to you, I would add that self-love involves not lying to yourself! Let me also say that there's nothing remotely loving about helping people perpetuate harmful lies.

7. What is your opinion of mental health professionals who try to change someone from homosexual to heterosexual?

In my mind's ear, I can hear some of you saying: Well, it's a free country, and if somebody wants that kind of a service, then they should be able to access it. Have you lost your friggin' minds? That's akin to saying that quacks who profess an ability to cure terminal diseases with dangerous, untested treatments should be allowed to practice . . . just because there's a "demand" for their services. What about the moral considerations that God demands of us?

The American Psychological Association has documented how this kind of bogus "therapy" has severely damaged people . . . some were even driven to commit suicide! We need to get rid of this secular, supply-side economics mentality we have. Market demand doesn't justify the existence of harmful, exploitative businesses! There's demand for illegal immigrant labor. There's demand for crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. There's a huge demand for child prostitution. Should those kinds of demands be legally accommodated, too?

8. Do you believe that the Bible regards you as a sinner?

The question shouldn't be how you believe the Bible regards you as a Lesbian or a Gay man. The question should be, do you worship the Bible or do you worship God? Quiet as it's kept, the two are not the same!

There are many, many ways to interpret Bible scripture. There are even more ways to misinterpret it! However, God is not subject to misinterpretation. God is not subject to manipulation. God is not a product of human machinations. God's will isn't limited to what human beings are capable of understanding! God's will certainly isn't limited by the petty prejudices of humankind.

You're foolish if you put ultimate trust in the Bible, with its thousands of authors and interpreters and editors biased one way or the other. However, you can put ultimate trust in God almighty! You can, and if you call yourself a Christian, you must. The Lord requires from us the kind of faith and trust that can never be achieved by adhering to a textbook theology. There are lessons that He must teach us personally, and we can't access the knowledge any other way.

God is what we should be worshiping, not a book! God is the only entity that's worthy of our worship.

9. Do you truly believe that God created you as an LGBT person, or is that just something you say in response to religious persecution?

This question reminds me of a scene from the 1985 movie Agnes Of God. Portraying the Mother Superior of a convent, actress Anne Bancroft counsels two young nuns who are ashamed to talk about their menstrual periods. "Menstruation is a perfectly natural process," she says firmly, "and nothing to be ashamed of." She directs the nuns to repeat her words, but when they do, she is displeased. Their supposed lack of shame has been expressed without any conviction. "Say it!" Anne Bancroft commands. "Say it, and mean it."

It's time for LGBT folk to say it and mean it! If we don't mean it, then we have no right to say it. When we all are able to identify ourselves as God's children with sincerity and conviction, we'll truly have begun the process of ridding self-hatred from our hearts and minds.

10. Do you believe that Americans should have the right to vote for or against the Civil Rights of minority groups by way of ballot initiatives?

In 2007, Gay Conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan came out in support of "marriage protection" ballot initatives. He had no problem with our Civil Rights being subjected to the political process, and argued that, in time, bigotry will play no role in the way such initiatives are decided. Frankly, I was stunned that an openly Gay man who in the past has demonstrated a profound understanding of democracy could be so numbingly stupid. Dude, I wanted to tell him . . . wake the f*ck up!!!

Whether or not Straight Americans will ever act fairly toward us in the voting booth is not the issue. The issue is knowing when voting is appropriate, and when it's not appropriate. So ballots should be cast based on how we regard our neighbor's sexual habits? Or on how we interpret the Bible, the Torah, or the Koran? Beware! Misuse of our voting process will only end up perverting it. And why should LGBT Americans forego being treated with dignity by their government until others decide they deserve such treatment? If that's not enabling discrimination, I don't know what is!

Numerous American minority groups have endured long periods of animus directed at them by the larger populace. I wonder, if Civil Rights had historically been made a matter of public vote, would African-Americans be recognized as fully franchised citizens under the Constitution today? Would Irish-Americans? Italian-Americans? Asian-Americans? Native-Americans? Knowing what I do about human nature, I have serious doubts!

Women have never been a minority group, yet it took more than seventy years for American men to vote suffrage for their wives, sisters and daughters into law. That's a shameful blemish on our history; however, it's even more shameful that, after Civil Rights struggles have been mounted by women, people of color, migrant farmworkers and the disabled, we still don't seem to understand what equality is! If anybody ought to understand, it's Lesbians and Gay men, because we lack it. Andrew Sullivan should be ashamed of himself!

If we're not already entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the Constitution like everybody else is, then that hallowed document isn't worth the crumbling parchment it's printed on!

"Why Do You Like It So Rough?" continues with Part Four.