15 November 2006

Authors Of Confusion (Part Three)

I wondered how long it would take before one or more of the exgaywatch.com bloggers responded to my previous "Authors Of Confusion" essays. Knowing from personal experience how arrogant they are, I wasn't convinced that they would. However, this morning I found that Timothy Kinkaid had tried to post a comment. Here (uncensored, but edited for grammar, spelling and length) is what he had to say to me:

I'm sorry that you felt that your opinions were not adequately respected, and I do think that banning was a bit hasty, though I recall that the ban was very quickly lifted.

Didn't I tell you they were arrogant? Dude actually fancies himself a benevolent dictator!

I think you misunderstand the nature of "Ex-Gay" Watch. We are not culture warriors out to destroy anyone who doesn't agree with us (though it may have felt that way).

Who said the bloggers at exgaywatch.com were "culture warriors"? Certainly not me. I said they were authors of confusion, and that's what I still say. They provide a forum for the spreading of misinformation about Gay people!

We welcome "ex-Gays" as well as Gays to visit our site. We don't see any value in demonizing those who (in my mind, futilely) seek to change their orientation. They aren't evil!

I didn't say they were evil, either. I said they had fallen victim to an evil influence, a fact that must be kept in mind when dealing with them. I said regardless of whether the source is a hard-bitten Bible bigot like James Dobson or a well-meaning "ex-Gay" convert, they should never allow their web pages to become vehicles for heterosexism. I also noted that this naïve mentality (which I now believe is feigned) is one of the biggest problems with Kincaid's blog: The idea that "ex-Gays and Gays (sic)" can be just one big, happy family. The word "dysfunctional" doesn't even begin to describe such a family unit, if it could actually exist. It can't!

Nor do I think it without value to observe their struggle, in their own words. They are the targets and the victims of groups like Exodus, and many are very nice, very sincere people.

There's no value whatsoever in "observing the struggle" of people who identify as "ex-Gay" if you don't want to prevent them from having to struggle in the first place! When you read some of the "Ex-Gay" Watch topics, you wonder if the bloggers actually enjoy watching victims of Bible bigotry suffer! Illustrating my point, this is what Kincaid had to say next:

One of my favorite websites is willfulgrace.blogspot.com, which was the blog of a woman with an "ex-Gay" husband. Unfortunately, he recently became "ex-ex-Gay", but that does not make her any less delightful, caring or insightful of a person.

Shades of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Here they come again with this "favorite ex-Gay" website crap! And I'm supposed to believe it's unfortunate that someone manages to shake off religious Right Wing brainwashing??? I wonder if Kincaid read my earlier essays at all? This outrageous statement certainly suggests that he didn't. It also seems to validate everything I feared was true about the motives of the "Ex-Gay" Watch bloggers.

There are others who seek to remain celibate, or who disagree with us on the degree to which orientation is mutable, and I value their perspective.

This is the same thing he said before, in so many tortured words. It's nothing but sly promotion of "ex-Gay" philosophy wrapped up in a pretty package labeled Nobody's Right and Nobody's Wrong. If he thinks he's going to peddle that bullsh*t on Christ, The Gay Martyr, he'd better think twice. It ain't gonna happen!

I know it irritates you to have anyone allow for the possibility of re-orientation, but we are a site dedicated to fact, not propaganda, I doubt that re-orientation occurs, or at least not to the extent it is claimed, but I can't prove it, so I don't claim it.

It's not my irritation Timothy Kincaid and his buddies need fear when they bear false witness against Lesbian and Gay identity, it's God's!  Fortunately for them, God forgives sin, even violations of the Ten Commandments; however, repentance does need to enter the picture at some point!

As for Kincaid's other comments, if everything posted on exgaywatch.com is factual, and if most of what he's written here isn't propaganda, grits ain't groceries, eggs ain't poultry, and Ann Coulter is an icon of the Democrat Party! Certain "Ex-Gay" Watch bloggers appear to have adopted the popular political strategy of telling brazen lies over and over until people start believing them. That tactic won't work with me! I believe in frequent reality checks.

Again, I apologize that you caught us on a day in which we were not overly receptive to your message.

Should I have requested a royal audience first?

Unlike most sites, we don't allow postings that are hostile to an open dialogue (or at least, we try).

They ought to rename their blog Chutzpah, Incorporated! After all they did to suppress what Jerry Maneker and I had to say, they still have the nerve to claim a commitment to free speech! For sure, these jokers would make excellent politicians!

Incidentally, we are not Liberal fascists! Several of us who participate are quite Conservative.

Oh, indeed. Some of them are Conservative fascists! I'd already figured that out.

Really, if you think about it, you might come to agree that insisting that "ex-Gay" people don't exist is a bit more fascist than the doubtful allowance for their existence, and refusing to listen to the possibility surely is more close-minded than listening.

Just like insisting that the world is round, pigs don't fly, and my forks, knives and spoons don't get up and dance after I leave the kitchen. Oh, my, yes! How very fascist of me, how unforgivably close-minded! And that's about as much as I'm willing to entertain Mr. Kincaid's convoluted Mad Hatter talking points! They'd be laughable if I didn't know the high degree of harm his stealth rhetoric has the potential to do.

If you choose to visit us again, I would suggest considering that possibly others are at the site who don't already agree with you. A "both shotgun barrels" approach may make you feel better, but it won't advance your position much.

Nothing about the "Ex-Gay" Watch people and their thinly-veiled heterosexist agenda gives me a good feeling. What they give me is a bad taste in my mouth! I'm alarmed, angered and disgusted by what they attempt to do over there. Frankly, when it comes to those bloggers, I couldn't care less about advancing my position. I'm only interested in discrediting their position!

However, with messages like the one I just shared with you, Timothy Kincaid may be accomplishing that goal without my help. He also tried to post a follow-up message that rescinded his invitation for me to return to the scene of his crimes. Maybe dude finally realized that I have no respect for authors of confusion, eh? Better late than never!