27 September 2006

We Are Family (Part Two)

Then the great angel Hormos came to prepare the seed of the Great Seth, through the Holy Spirit in a Holy Body conceived by the Word (of God) by means of the virgins of the defiled sowing of seed in this realm. Great Seth came with his seed, and he sowed it in the realms brought into being here below (Heaven), whose number is the number of Sodom. Some say Sodom is the pastureland of the Great Seth, that is, Gomorrah; but others say Great Seth took his crop from Gomorrah and planted it in a second location, which he named Sodom . . . this is the source of the seed of Life Eternal, which belongs to those who endure through knowledge of where they came from. This is the great Incorruptible Generation . . .

In this context, “virgins” probably means Adam and Eve before they had carnal knowledge of each other. “The Holy Spirit in a Holy Body” is another reference to the Divine ovum Seth‘s female descendants carried (the Gospel of Phillip has yet another name for it: The Mirrored Bridal Chamber). The term “Incorruptible Generation” (also known as the Unshakeable or Blessed Generation) can refer either to people who carry the seed of Fullness, or people in whom the Fullness is expressed.

The reference to Sodom and Gomorrah can mean only one thing to a Christian: Homosexuality. To be sure, that’s what it meant to Gnostics, but as indicated earlier, their take on homosexuality was often radically different from that of the orthodoxy. Some Gnostic Christians believed that the seed of Seth, sown into realms with “the number of Sodom“ (the aforementioned Holy Bodies) produced children possessed of the Divine Fullness.

However, since they were born of mortal men and women, these children would also be mortal. What‘s more, they would be subject to carnal desire just like their parents. The Gnostic Gospel of Phillip teaches that as long as the seed of the Holy Spirit is hidden, wickedness is ineffective, though it is not yet removed from the midst of the seed and they are still enslaved to evil. Yet the very awareness of this desire would constitute “knowledge of where they came from.” Why? Because the desire would not be ordinary human desire.

One of the ways Fullness expresses itself in human beings is through homosexual attraction, which appears to break the laws of nature. It distinguishes creatures of Fullness from the rest of humanity. Heterosexual mankind considers such attraction sinful, but some Gnostics believed that the Heavenly host saw it as Holy. They frowned on sexual intercourse as a rule, but understood that it had become part of human nature. They couldn't stop it from occurring, but they could regulate it!

Homosexuality ensured that androgynous beings would not defile themselves with heterosexual intercourse, and that’s precisely what made them an “Incorruptible Generation.” Spiritually, homosexual men and women would always be virgins, and their souls were considered saintly.

In the third Eternal Realm were stationed the offspring of Seth . . . The souls of the saints were stationed there.

So if Jesus Christ and His subordinate Sophia brought homosexuality into existence, how did the Mother/Father feel about what They had done?

The Father approved of the great Incorruptible Generation of great mighty people of Great Seth, so that He might sow Repentance in the realms that had been produced, and through Repentance the deficiency (lack of Fullness) might become full.

Here the word "repentance" means repentance for the evil actions of the Hebrew god. As the offspring of Seth intermingled with the offspring of his brothers and populated the world, the Christ’s recessive genetic code spread throughout humankind. As stated before, its purpose was to produce a certain kind of human being: What we now call Lesbians, Gay men and Transsexual persons, but what probably would've been called eunuchs and virgins in Biblical times. (Back then, the word "eunuch" did not connote castration, as it does today. Read the scholarship of Faris Malik at his Born Eunuchs website . . .

However, something strange happened. The eunuchs and virgins didn‘t always act according to their natures!

In the fourth Eternal Realm were stationed the souls of those who were ignorant of the Fullness. They did not repent immediately, but held out for a while and repented later . . .

No doubt, those souls “ignorant of the Fullness” were homosexual men and women who lacked awareness of their true nature. As is the case with many Gay people today, they gradually came into knowledge of themselves and began to abstain from heterosexual relations.

A Straight person might ask: "How could someone be unaware of his own sexual orientation?" There are, of course, psychological reasons, but in the Secret Book of John, Jesus Christ provides an alternate explanation. After the Savior implanted the Seed of Fullness in Seth‘s Earthly counterpart, the Hebrew god became aware of its existence. Enraged, he dispatched his demons to corrupt it with their own seed:

(Jesus Christ said) “They created a Contemptible Spirit similar to the spirit (of Fullness) that had descended, in order to adulterate souls through this spirit . . . (they) took women, and from the darkness they produced children similar to their spirit. They closed their minds (to the Fullness) and became stubborn through the stubbornness of the Contemptible Spirit until the present day.”

A parallel passage in the Bible (excerpted below) affirms that extra-terrestrial impregnation of women did take place. Fullness is not mentioned, however, and in a most unusual translation, the demons are called "the sons of god:

GENESIS 6:1-4:
When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of god saw that they were fair, and they . . . went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children for them.

The “Contemptible Spirit” evidently came in the form of another genetic trait, designed to corrupt the Holy Bodies and repel the Divine Fullness. The descendants of Seth and the descendants of demons have long since intermingled, so theoretically, every human being carries both traits in their genetic code. When the Holy Bodies are fertilized with sperm, a battle for supremacy no doubt ensues between these traits. The outcome of this battle not only determines the gender identity of the child, but the very fate of the child’s soul.

(Jesus Christ said) “The soul in which there is more power than the Contemptible Spirit is strong! She escapes from evil, and through the intervention of the Incorruptible One, she is saved and taken up to Eternal Rest. (The Apostle John said) “Master, where will the souls go of people who have not known to whom they belong?” (Jesus Christ said) “The Contemptible Spirit has grown stronger in such people while they were going astray. This Spirit lays a heavy burden on the soul, leads her into evil deeds, and hurls her down into forgetfulness. After the soul leaves the body, she is handed over to the authorities who have come into being through (God). They bind her with chains and throw her into prison! They go around with her until she awakens from forgetfulness and acquires knowledge. This is how she attains Perfection and is saved.”

“Going astray” means having heterosexual intercourse. The “authorities” spoken of are no doubt angels. Gnostic scholars believe that the passage regarding prison connotes reincarnation; the word “prison” symbolizes the human body in this context. Perfection, of course, is the kind of Fullness found in Heaven. However, it seems that not every androgynous soul succeeds in conquering the influence of the Contemptible Spirit:

(The Apostle John said) Master, where will the souls go of people who had knowledge (of the Fullness) but turned away?” (Jesus Christ said) “They will be taken to the place where the Angels of Misery go, where there is no Repentance. They will be kept there until the day when those who have blasphemed against the (Holy) Spirit will be tortured and punished eternally.”