26 September 2006

We Are Family (Part Three)

Gnostics believed that the presence of androgynous beings on Earth kept the Hebrew God in a perpetual state of rage! They wrote about how his demons persecuted them at every turn, and how his intense hatred for the Incorruptible Generation sometimes threatened all humankind. His unholy wrath would explode, and natural disasters would result!

Because of this generation, a conflagration will come upon the Earth . . . because of this generation, there will be famines and plagues . . . because of this generation, there will be temptations and deceptions by false prophets. Great Seth saw what (the Hebrew god) was doing, his many guises, his schemes against the Incorruptible, Immovable Generation, the persecutions by his powers and (demons), their deception. (Seth‘s offspring) acted rashly against themselves.

That line about false prophets certainly rings true, doesn‘t it? So does the line about LGBT people being driven to harm themselves. There’s been much persecution of Gay people through the centuries, continuing right up to the present day. Temptations? I’d say drug and alcohol abuse, vulnerability to ex-Gay ministries, hedonism and unsafe sexual practice would fit that category to a tee!

However, Gnostic scripture says that no matter how they're tempted and deceived, and no matter what they may feel forced to do to themselves, the Christ's love for His Incorruptible Generation remains strong. By virtue of His gift of Holy Seed and Holy Bodies, He claims Seth’s offspring as His own, and places them under His Divine protection.

Four hundred ethereal angels came from the Great Realms, accompanied by Great Aerosiel and Great Selmechel, to protect the great Incorruptible Generation, its fruitfulness, and the great people of Great Seth, from the time and era of truth and justice until the end of the age and its rulers, whom the Great Judges (have) condemned to death.

Who can worry, then, with the Messiah's guardian angels for protection?

When Jesus Christ descended to Earth, He did so with three tasks in mind. He wanted to bring salvation from the True and Living God to Jews (the chosen people of the Hebrew God) and Gentiles (who had never worshiped the Hebrew God, but were devoted to numerous other false deities), and He wanted to redeem His “deposit” in the world: The people of the Incorruptible Generation. He wanted to restore the birthright of immortality that androgynous creatures lost by being born of mortal men and women. Here’s a description of how He went about doing this, and clarification of the results He achieved:

(Jesus Christ said) “I, the Perfect Forethought of all, transformed Myself into my offspring . . . I am the abundance of Light, I am the remembrance of Fullness . . . I brightened My face with light from the consummation of their realm, and entered the midst of their prison, which is the prison of the body . . . a person wept and shed tears! Bitter tears the person wiped away and said, ‘Who is calling my name? From where has my hope come as I dwell in the bondage of prison?’ (Jesus Christ said) I am the forethought of pure Light! I am the thought of the Virgin Spirit who raises you to a place of honor. Arise! Remember . . . trace your root, which is I, the Compassionate . . . (then) I raised and sealed the person in luminous water with five seals, that death might not prevail over the person from that moment on.”

From now on, through the Incorruptible Human . . . with regard to those worthy of the invocation and words of renunciation of the five seals in the Baptism of running water, they will know those who receive them, as they are instructed, and they will be known by them, and they shall not taste death!

These passages suggest that such Biblical passages as Luke 9:27(But truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Kingdom of God) do refer to LGBT people, just as I’ve long suspected! Of course, Eternal Life will be given to all men and women who believe in the True and Living God and keep the Ten Commandments, but Gnostic scripture teaches that Lesbians and Gay men have it unconditionally! According to the Gospel of Phillip, their destiny is to become members of a “priestly order” and “attendants of the Bridal Chamber" in Heaven following the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (By the way, the etymology [origin] of the word "eunuch" is exactly equivalent to the phrase "attendant of a bridal chamber.")

Did you notice, in the previous passage from the Secret Book of John, where the Christ states, “I transformed myself into my offspring”? How intriguing! Could this mean that the Messiah was a member of the Incorruptible Generation in His Earthly form? Yes, I believe it does! Let’s end this voyage through Gnostic mythology by returning to the Gospel of Phillip, where we find this most illuminating tidbit:

There was another generation of people, and these blessed people were called the Chosen Spiritual Ones: True humankind, the Child of Humankind, and the offspring of the Child of Humankind. This true generation is renowned in the world, and this is where the attendants of the Bridal Chamber (eunuchs) are.

Yes, a renowned people! Renowned for their creativity, their sense of style, their sense of humor, their ability to transcend gender roles, and their silent but persistent presence in a Christian church which despises them. They are Holy Eunuchs and Virgins, the priestly order by birth that's destined to serve The Bridegroom (the Christ) and His Bride (Jerusalem) in the Holy Bridal Chamber. They are the genetic offspring of Seth, and the spiritual offspring of the Child of Humankind. Counted among their mighty number are many noted scholars, artists, singers, dancers, actors, scientists, athletes, warriors, and kings and queens. And if Gnostic writings are true, a certain Nazarene whose words and deeds are revered throughout the world may also be counted among them.

This is the strongest evidence yet of something that’s been whispered about for centuries: That Jesus Christ, the Son of God, walked among us as a man of homosexual orientation. Not as a sexual hedonist, mind you, and probably a celibate man for all or much of his life on Earth; but the ancient equivalent of a Gay man nonetheless!

Do you think I‘m one brick short of a load? Some kind of fanatic looking for same-gender subtexts that aren’t really there? Maybe I am crazy. I wouldn't be the best judge of that; but there’s a way for you to know for sure. Find out whether or not my interpretations stand up to scrutiny! Nothing that I’ve cited here is a figment of my imagination. These texts exist! The specific citations I've discussed can be verified. I'm confident that you'll discover the same thing I discovered: An ancient mythology that connects LGBT folk directly to the Christ and Him to them, and that does so within the context of Scripture!

Could the main reason Gnostic writings were suppressed and destroyed possibly be any more plain? Lesbians and Gay men were deliberately demonized by the church! The proof is on display right here! I strongly encourage every LGBT person reading this essay to investigate the Secret Book of John, the Egyptian Gospel and the Gospel of Phillip for themselves. The Book of Thomas, discussed in my blogpost "Blessed Assurance" is also essential reading. You can read them individually or collectively; go to the religion section at your nearest chain bookstore, and you’ll find them available in numerous configurations.

Be forewarned, though! There's much in them that you won't find palatable. Those who believe they chose to be Gay will balk at the idea of genetically-determined sexual orientation. Those who are Pansexual will take umbrage at the idea that they’re suffering from a Contemptible Spirit. The contention that LGBT presence in the world provokes natural disasters will alarm many people regardless of sexual orientation, and to be sure, the idea that ancient Israelites worshiped Satan without realizing it will be anathema to just about everybody!

I’m certainly not asking anybody to believe what these texts say. Although some aspects of Gnostic scripture appear to carry more than a grain of truth, I would never say I believe everything in it.  I do not!  And I surely don't want to confuse mythology with fact. God forbid that I try to lure people into Gnosticism; it's easy to see how it could become as much of a stumbling block to genuine faith as fundamentalism is!

I’m presenting excerpts of Gnostic scripture here because I know that many Gay people have been traumatized by Biblical terrorism. They've been so terribly traumatized, they’ll never believe God loves them unless they can find Scripture that says so explicitly. Well, here is that Scripture! It was for the sake of such people that I feel the Lord allowed crumbling copies of Gnostic writings to be found and distributed all these eons later. I also feel that the Christians who wrote these texts knew themselves to be Lesbian, Gay and Transsexual.

They were the very first Gay activists, preceding by thousands of years German sexologists like Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. Confronted by religious persecution, these heroic people championed an alternate Christian doctrine which connected them directly to the Savior they loved. How true is their doctrine? As true, I suppose, as what you read in the Bible (or not). Gay-affirming Gnostic Gospels are no more the direct word of God than the books of the Torah are, but they’re not heresies, either! They’re blessings sent out to those who can receive and benefit from them. As our benefactor (Godfather) Jesus Christ so often said as He taught the multitudes, "Whoever has ears to hear should hear."

The Father is good. He knows His plants because He planted them in His Paradise . . . nothing happens without the Father’s pleasure, nothing happens without the Father’s will, and His will is incomprehensible . . . none can understand Him, nor does He exist so that they might study Him in order to grasp Him. Rather, when He wills, what He wills is this, even if the view does not please people before God. It is the Father’s will.