15 July 2006

His Majesty's Secret Service

Here is the complete text of a post I left this morning on Jasmyne Cannick's blogsite. It summarizes the main conclusions I've arrived at while undertaking a study of the Christian Bible and certain Gnostic Gospels:

I do not believe that every word of the Bible should be taken literally. To me, that is equating the Bible with God, a form of idol worship. However, what people think the Bible says about homosexuality and what it actually says can be two vastly different things. Here is what Jesus Christ said about the subject:

MATTHEW 19:9-12
(Jesus Christ said)"There are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of Heaven."

"Eunuchs from birth!" That is the name the Messiah gave to Gay men and, by association, Lesbians. Don't let anyone mislead you! He was not talking about people whose genitalia was missing or deformed. He was not talking about people who were celibate. He was talking about people who do not or cannot have sexual relations with their opposite gender!

Elsewhere in that passage from the Gospel of Matthew, the Christ exempted born eunuchs from the requirement to enter into heterosexual marriage. The all-knowing Messiah understood what Gay people are. They are inherently different from heterosexual persons in that the male and the female are fully integrated within their spiritual beings. It is an inborn difference that can often be discerned by others. Those of us who have been beaten, ostracized and harassed since childhood can surely attest to this fact.

There are absolutely NO passages in the Bible that condemn . . . born eunuchs for their affectional preference. Do you hear me? None! If prohibitions against homosexual expression had been meant for eunuchs, then the word "eunuch" would have been used (in Levitican law). It is not used, because God knows better than anyone the difference between those who were born eunuchs and ordinary human beings! He created all life. Why would God condemn what He Himself has created?

Bible scriptures that prohibit homosexual behavior could only have been meant for those persons God has created heterosexual. You want proof? Here is the proof, contained within the two of the scriptures used most often to stigmatize homosexuality:

"You shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: It is abomination."

"If a man also lay with mankind as he would lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination."

The key phrase is "as you would lay with a woman." If you are not the kind of man who would lay with a woman, then you have committed no sin! So says the Bible.

The scriptures indicate that Jesus Christ also said this about Gay people . . .

MATTHEW 16:28/MARK 9:1
". . . there are some here who will not die until they have seen the Son of Man come as King."

Based on my reading of early Christian texts, I firmly believe that He was talking about Lesbians and Gay men. He referred to us as eunuchs, and one of the main functions of ancient eunuchs was to serve as attendants to and protectors of harems and bridal chambers. (Gnostic) Christian texts speak of a Divine bridal chamber where the Son of God (who is called The Bridegroom) and the city of Jerusalem will be united during the second coming of Christ. We who the Christ said were born eunuchs are keepers of the Holy Bridal Chamber. We attend it at the explicit behest of the Savior!

It doesn't matter what religious faith we ascribe to as individuals. It doesn't matter if we ascribe to no faith at all. (I believe that) Jesus Christ is the reason Gay people exist on this Earth. We are His Majesty's Secret Service! Our presence is evidence of His having been here, as well as a symbol of the salvation He brought to mankind, and a reminder that He will return.

It is why, all over the world, homosexual men and women have maintained a sizable presence in the Christian church. It is why Satan has inspired such vicious opposition to our presence not only in religious institutions, but in society at large. Satan's machinations will ultimately be futile, no matter how formidible they may appear. The Messiah's second coming is the only thing that can deprive the world of our presence. So I believe.

However, I don't for one second believe my enlightened readings of Scripture will sway the opinions of most hetero-bigots. I don't say the things I say because I hope to change anybody's mind; I'm nowhere near egotistical enough to presume I have that power.

I say what I say in order to challenge the orthodox teachings that I'm convinced are wrong. I want to encourage Bible study that isn't so damn superficial! I want to show that there's a more intelligent way to read and interpret Scriptural passages. I want to provide an alternative to the negative impressions of same-gender sexuality and blended gender people that organized religion has promoted for so long. Most of all, I want to plant in people's minds a seed of doubt, a nagging kernel of wisdom that urges them to question how the teachings of Jesus Christ have been and are being disseminated.

A new school of Bible scholarship has risen to challenge the corrupt orthodoxy of the Vatican and other Fundamentalist faith organs, a school of purified Christian doctrine. As that school gains more influence, wayward churches will lose much of the power they currently exercise over God's children; it's inevitable, because the Truth about Jesus Christ and His born eunuchs can't be suppressed forever. It's bound to come out!

All I'm trying to do is help it along. That's the service I've pledged to render to His Majesty, and you know what? The less of a secret it is, the better!